Hi I'm MacDGuy, and today I'm gonna show you how to use the GMod Tower admin tools, that we just enabled, for every player, on the server. Now, when you're an admin in GMod Tower, you can click on your self, and a menu will popup which will show you a bunch of commands that you can run. When you double click on your name, it will open up a menu. Now this, will allow you enable your godmode, disable your godmode. I would set all of these. In admin is the inventory admin, you can access every single inventory that's available in GMod Tower, the command is gmt_invadmin. You can pull weapons from it aswell. Foohy: "hi my names foohy.." *Foohy sounds* There is also the ability to use a couple sound based tools that admins have, there is gmt_soundbrowser, you can use this to play any Half-Life 2 sound, and it will broadcast to the entire server. Foohy: "weee!" *Foohy noises* So for example I'm gonna play this Portal sound right here. If you gotta stop all the sounds incase there is a looping sound or you don't just like that sound, do gmt_stopallsounds. *Foohy noises* There is a ton of admin commands that you can look through. There is also gmt_adminmenu, now, you can manage players here, you can change events, minigames and stuff, it's pretty useful. There is also gmt_firerocket which is one of Nicans favorite commands, you can shoot tons of rockets if you bind it. Foohy: "OH MY GAWD, ROCKETS! GRRRRRRR... oh my god it's macdguy.. i'm your biggest fan.. can i have your autograph?" *snowball throw sound x3* There is a way to spawn money, and it's gmt_devmoney, and then either 1 through 5. Foohy: "MONEYY!" The physgun in GMod Tower can pick up players, so you can pickup Clopsy and kick him around if you really want to. *Rocket sounds left and right, more Foohy noises* Foohy: "wasnt that cool?" I'm gonna go to the admin menu, i'm going to go to players, click on Foohy, and disable his godmode. Then I'm gonna close that, it's quite simple... and uhh, kill him. *Foohy dying noises* I'm not gonna go the the theater now, but there is also an admin menu in the theater, you can check it out if you press Q while you're in the theater, that will pull up a ton of things, you can skip videos and stuff like that, there's all sorts of tools available. Well I hope you like this tutorial I made, uhhm, there's tons of commands I didn't go through for specific reasons, but be sure to figure it out for yourself. I mean this is something that we're trying out, and hopefully it will be a good experience, we're hoping that, uh, the users will not abuse any power.. and uhh, I hope to see you on the server. Let me know if you got any problems, you can contact me on the forums, I'll be on all day- *music plays increasingly louder* and uh, OH GOD.


this is another funny!




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